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Treating Insomnia the Natural Way.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

In any one year it is estimated 25% of Australians will suffer from insomnia. Western Medicine treats insomnia with a one pill fits all solution but the reality is there is many different causes. This is why sleeping tablets in the long term generally cause more problems than they solve.

Chinese medicine looks for a particular pattern that causes the insomina which leads to a specifically tailored solution which improves results without medication side effects.

Patterns of Disharmony

Liver Fire - is often caused by excessive stress, which left unchecked creates heat in the body. This heat disturbs the balance of the heart so that it is unable to calm the mind. This will commonly present as the inability to get to sleep.

Stomach Disharmony with Phelgm Heat - is a result of poor digestion over a prolonged period of time. This leads to the formation of excess mucus which blocks the flow of electrons and obstructs the heart and disturbs the spirit. This insomnia will often be accompanied with digestion problems like bloating or reflux or IBS.

Heart Blood and Spleen Deficiency - is a pattern that has a variety of causes including heavy periods, poor digestion or overwork. When the blood is deficient the heart cannot control the spirit and you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep.


Based on assessment by questioning and taking your pulse we can determine which pattern in causing your sleep disturbance. Treatment will include acupuncture which as well addressing your specific pattern of disharmony will also increase your bodies own seratonin (increase happy thoughts) and gabapentin production (less obsessive thoughts). We will also work on specific sleep hygiene to help you avoid common mistakes. Herbal medicine will also be included to complement the acupuncture if required. Generally I recommend 5-10 treatments to build a lasting effect.

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