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The Drug Free Way to Treat Vertigo/Dizziness.

Dizziness/Vertigo is a common problem accounting for 4% of all emergency department presentations. When these symptoms appear Western Doctors first line of treatment is to use medicines that are known to commonly produce side effects. A 2015 study by Chin.Wen et al. trialled Acupuncture in emergency departments as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The results showed a significant and immediate effect in reducing symptoms with no reported side effects. Interestingly the effect was shown to be transmitted via the autonomic nervous system. This is the system that controls the fight or flight reaction. The study measured the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which showed that acupuncture increased the relaxation response which will calm the nervous system and leave you feeling relaxed.

A review of current research on acupuncture for vertigo in 2016 by Zhuanzhuan Hou et al. studied the results of 10 clinical trials with 914 participants. The results concluded that acupuncture may be more effective in reducing symptoms and increasing blood flow to the vertebral-basilar artery compared to conventional medicine therapy. Injury to the upper cervical vertebra can often that be a factor in vertigo and careful palpation and correction by a physiotherapist has also been shown clinically to improve dizziness symptoms. The great results in these studies mirror what I have found in the clinic. It is a great joy to work with clients who are unable to leave the house due to fear of falling be quickly freed up to return to their normal active lives. If you yourself or any of your friends and family are suffering from vertigo/dizziness please let them know there is a safe effective drug free alternative. Get them to contact the clinic on 93121274 and book an initial exam.

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